Explosions int the Sky

Thought Behind the Shot: Explosions in the Sky

In this weeks “Though Behind the Shot” I’ll be taking a deeper look into one of my favorite photos I call “Explosions in the Sky”, which was taken about a week before the 4th of July  in 2010. The thought behind the shot was to capture a moment in time of all the people gazing […]

Abstract Macro 02

Thought Behind the Shot: Macro Photos From My Backyard

New macro photos on the loose! Look out! Don’t worry, it’s okay… Nothing to fear. They won’t hurt your eyes. These are the first shots with my newly acquired  Nikon D7000 . Let’s just say the Nikon D7000 paired with the Tamron 90mm f/2.8 Macro lens makes an awesome combo. I will be posting a review of […]

Thought Behind the Shot - November Featured Image

Thought Behind The Shot: 3 Photos Analyzed

This is the start of a new series I’ll be doing called “Thought Behind the Shot”. Basically I’ll be describing, analyzing and critiquing photos I take, why and how I took them, and what I took them with all in as much detail as I can provide. To start things off, I’ve decided to post […]

Hang Loose Photo

Photography Tips From My Photo Hang Loose

Walls are your friend when it comes to night photography. I’ve learned that from tons of experience. What I did in this case was use them to bounce light from my strobes I had set up on the floor. I set two of my Nikon compatible flashes up on the ground at full power and […]

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