Thought Behind the Shot - Water Drop

Thought Behind the Shot: Water Drop From a Faucet

This weeks (although it’s a week late) Thought Behind the Shot was chosen by my amazing Facebook fans. I had a feeling this would be the photo you guys would pick The thought behind the shot was a droplet of water that’s extremely sharp, crisp and timed just right.  To be quite honest, I went […]

Explosions int the Sky

Thought Behind the Shot: Explosions in the Sky

In this weeks “Though Behind the Shot” I’ll be taking a deeper look into one of my favorite photos I call “Explosions in the Sky”, which was taken about a week before the 4th of July  in 2010. The thought behind the shot was to capture a moment in time of all the people gazing […]


Making Of: Marblehead Lighthouse

The day was cold. The sun, bright. And on the last day of my East Coast road trip I took back in March of this year, I stopped at the Marblehead Lighthouse State Park, located in Marblehead, Ohio. The Marblehead lighthouse is one of the more popular lighthouses to photograph along the coast of Lake […]

Making of Old Abandoned Car

Making Of: Inside an Abandoned Car

I’m writing this “Making Of” article at the same time I’m editing the photo.  Multi-tasking FTW! But seriously, I am… so I might sound a bit “off” since I get a bit crazy when I’m editing photos… *evil laugh* This photo comes from inside one of the cars you see in the “How To Add […]

Gloomy Mist Photoshop Efect

Gloomy Mist Photoshop Effect: Adding Atmosphere

UPDATE 05/06/2011: There is now a tutorial and a free Photoshop action to help you create this same effect. Visit the the tutorial here:  How to Make Fog in Photoshop: FREE Gloomy Photoshop Action Included I spent the morning researching foggy, hazy and misty Photoshop effects, and how to create a gloomy atmosphere, but couldn’t […]

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