White Balance photo

Photography Basics: White Balance

White balance is one of the first things you need to learn about as a photographer, at least in terms of color and composition, since it’s easily the cornerstone of all color theory in photography. Simply put, if you cannot or do not grasp the concept of setting your white balance, the shots you take […]


Photography Basics: Natural Light

Natural lighting in photos can give off a pure vibe that artificial lighting often has trouble providing for you. There are several techniques you can use when using natural light photography. The lighting of the sun can create many stunning spectrums of colors throughout the day that could result in beautiful photos. However, with this in mind you shouldn’t just run outside and start snapping as many photos as you can without putting some thought behind them first. There are some aspects of taking photos using natural light that you should probably be aware of.

Beginner Photography Tips

Beginner Photography Tips For Better Photos

You Have Been Warned: This is an extremely long post, one of which that does not contain any technical photography tips, but instead focuses on simple yet powerful photography tips for the beginner just starting out. With that in mind, I’d strongly advise you to read through the whole article, even if you’re an average […]

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