How to Take Photos in Sunlight

4 Creative Tips To Taking Photos In The Sun

This short and quick article will cover some of the best ways to take advantage of harsh, direct sun, so that the next time you are faced with shooting in the sun, you’ll be armed with creative ideas on how to overcome the harsh sunlight. Please note that the following photos are not mine, but […]

Gloomy Mist Photoshop Efect

Gloomy Mist Photoshop Effect: Adding Atmosphere

UPDATE 05/06/2011: There is now a tutorial and a free Photoshop action to help you create this same effect. Visit the the tutorial here:  How to Make Fog in Photoshop: FREE Gloomy Photoshop Action Included I spent the morning researching foggy, hazy and misty Photoshop effects, and how to create a gloomy atmosphere, but couldn’t […]

How to Light Glass Products

How To Light Glass Products For Beginners

No Experience Necessary This tutorial is about how I shot a product, which in this case is a glass jar of beets, for where I work. This tutorial can be of great help to anyone, because it shows you how to achieve awesome results with only a couple inexpensive speedlights and some softboxes. So yeah, […]

Exposure Blending

Exposure Blending Video Tutorial

What is exposure blending? It’s when you take two or more exposures, and blend them together in Photoshop to create a high dynamic range photo. Exposure blending can be handy in some scenarios, such as taking action photos at night. We’re talkin’ hardly-any-light-at-all night. Action photography at night can lead to multiple problems. One of […]

Hang Loose Photo

Photography Tips From My Photo Hang Loose

Walls are your friend when it comes to night photography. I’ve learned that from tons of experience. What I did in this case was use them to bounce light from my strobes I had set up on the floor. I set two of my Nikon compatible flashes up on the ground at full power and […]

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