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Muted Splendor by Edvins

Macro Photo Contest Winners!

The Macro photo contest is officially over. Printlab and I are extremely happy with the outcome of the contest. We got some great images from all around the world. I’d like to give a big special thanks to Printlab for providing the prints. Thanks guys! The quality of photos that were submitted to us were outstanding. […]

Macro Photo Contest

Macro Photo Contest: Ends March 3rd, 2012!

It’s time for another contest, hosted again by both Printlab and myself, Tim Kainu . We’re teaming up once again since our last reflections photo contest was a big hit. This time it’s not about reflections. This time it’s all about getting up-close and personal. The subject? Macro photography . And it ends March 3rd, […]

Thought Behind the Shot - Water Drop

Thought Behind the Shot: Water Drop From a Faucet

This weeks (although it’s a week late) Thought Behind the Shot was chosen by my amazing Facebook fans. I had a feeling this would be the photo you guys would pick The thought behind the shot was a droplet of water that’s extremely sharp, crisp and timed just right.  To be quite honest, I went […]

Tamron 90mm Macro sample 1 of 10

Tamron 90mm f/2.8 Macro Lens Review for Nikon

Tamron may not have been able to reach the same popularity as the other camera lens brands, but when it comes to their 90mm macro lens, it becomes a David vs. Goliath competition, with the smaller company putting up a good fight against its competitors. Tamron outdid themselves with their latest Tamron 90mm f/2.8 lens, […]

Abstract Macro 02

Thought Behind the Shot: Macro Photos From My Backyard

New macro photos on the loose! Look out! Don’t worry, it’s okay… Nothing to fear. They won’t hurt your eyes. These are the first shots with my newly acquired  Nikon D7000 . Let’s just say the Nikon D7000 paired with the Tamron 90mm f/2.8 Macro lens makes an awesome combo. I will be posting a review of […]


Fall Macro Photos for Motivation

Hey all, Been a while since I’ve posted. I’m trying to get myself motivated to just go out and shoot again. I’ve been busy with tons of things going on. Anywho, thought I’d share with you guys a few fall macro photos I snapped in my backyard this evening. It was a gorgeous fall day […]

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