Tawas Point Lighthouse

Tawas Point Lighthouse

My mom and I occasionally take short road trips Friday mornings, since that’s my one day off of work. So, last Friday I picked Tawas Point State Park as the destination. Why? Mainly because of the nice shots I see coming from there all over the web. I usually do a little research online to […]

Hang Loose Photo

Photography Tips From My Photo Hang Loose

Walls are your friend when it comes to night photography. I’ve learned that from tons of experience. What I did in this case was use them to bounce light from my strobes I had set up on the floor. I set two of my Nikon compatible flashes up on the ground at full power and […]

Mmm Pizza! Photo

Mmm Pizza! A Photo in Front of Michigan’s Capri Pizzeria

This picture taken in front of Capri Pizzeria, which is located on Greenfield road in Southfield, Michigan, has been a popular one of mine. I never thought too much of it, personally, but a lot of people love the shot. I’m guessing it’s because of the nice light emitting from the bottom of the awning, and the multiple horizontal lines that give it a symmetrical feel.

Also, the three circular elements (both wheels and a clock) break that up a bit, helping to draw the eye to the subject, making the image feel more balanced.

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