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Photo Contest: Best Picture of an Orange! (Ends November 26th)

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It’s time for another photo contest folks. This time instead of naming a photo, you have to take a photo containing a specific subject that I have chosen, so there’s a bit more creativity involved this time around.

Winner receives

  • Large 20 X 30″ print of any photos I have shot (or your own)
  • Your photo promoted on my Facebook and Twitter – and newsletter – Over 2,000 followers
  • An opportunity to be posted on B&H Photo Facebook (94,000+ fans) and or Twitter (54,000+ followers) – B&H Photo will judge picture and if the quality meets their criteria, they will:
  • Post it either on their Facebook or Twitter (over 145,000 followers!)

Win a print- plus great exposure and branding! So get your camera ready and prepare to win this contest!

Official Contest Rules

All contest participants are encouraged to be as creative as possible – The sky is the limit! All you have to do is take the most creative photo you can of subject specified below. Only United States residents with a valid postal address (to ship the prize) can participate in this contest. One entry per person. Valid Email Address required.


Photo Contest: Best Picture of an Orange! (Ends November 26th)

An Orange

Yes, the subject is indeed an ORANGE. Be as creative as possible, Photoshop what you want as long as the final outcome is cool! But please, keep it G rated people Photo Contest: Best Picture of an Orange! (Ends November 26th) it’s a family blog!

Contest Run Time

The photo contest starts NOW! And it will end next Saturday, November 26th at 11:59 P.M. Winner will be announced November 29th.

Camera Requirements

Anything Goes! You can use an Apple iPhone (haha…Get it?), a disposable camera, your DSLR, a point-and-shoot or a 4×5 field camera.

How to Enter

Simply upload your photo using the comments below. I just added a new comment system that allows photo uploads, so I’m all excited to use it Photo Contest: Best Picture of an Orange! (Ends November 26th)


All the entries will be judged by me. I will pick one winner who will receive the prize listed below. The winning photo will be based on creativity, story behind the photo, technical quality and artistic quality.


The winner will receive a 20×30 print of their winning photo! So if you win, you get to show it off to all of your friends and tell them you won a photo contest.


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