East Coast Photos

East Coast Photo Adventure – Day One and Two

I just returned from an amazing seven-day road trip/photo adventure a couple days ago and I’m here to share a few photos with you over the next week or so.  I’ll be keeping it pretty short and will be sharing the photos that I consider to be “keepers” due to time constraints — today is […]

The Badlands

Out Of This World

Here are three more shots of the Badlands that have been sitting on my hard drive since the end of September of last year.  I finally got around to editing them after being unhappy with the way they turned out.     These were all edited in Lightroom 3, and I used a special mixture […]

The Badlands

The Badlands

I had a great time at Badlands National Park in South Dakota. It was definitely one of my favorite parks throughout my 2 week, 6500 mile road trip I took back in September and October of 2010. This photo in particular was taken on the drive out of the Badlands. We arrived at the Badlands […]

Tawas Point Lighthouse

Tawas Point Lighthouse

My mom and I occasionally take short road trips Friday mornings, since that’s my one day off of work. So, last Friday I picked Tawas Point State Park as the destination. Why? Mainly because of the nice shots I see coming from there all over the web. I usually do a little research online to […]

Exposure Blending

Exposure Blending Video Tutorial

What is exposure blending? It’s when you take two or more exposures, and blend them together in Photoshop to create a high dynamic range photo. Exposure blending can be handy in some scenarios, such as taking action photos at night. We’re talkin’ hardly-any-light-at-all night. Action photography at night can lead to multiple problems. One of […]

Hang Loose Photo

Photography Tips From My Photo Hang Loose

Walls are your friend when it comes to night photography. I’ve learned that from tons of experience. What I did in this case was use them to bounce light from my strobes I had set up on the floor. I set two of my Nikon compatible flashes up on the ground at full power and […]

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