Gloomy Mist Photoshop Efect

Gloomy Mist Photoshop Effect: Adding Atmosphere

Written by Tim on . Posted in Post-Processing

UPDATE 05/06/2011: There is now a tutorial and a free Photoshop action to help you create this same effect. Visit the the tutorial here:  How to Make Fog in Photoshop: FREE Gloomy Photoshop Action Included

I spent the morning researching foggy, hazy and misty Photoshop effects, and how to create a gloomy atmosphere, but couldn’t find anything worth my while.  So, I created my own way of adding some atmospheric haze and fog to a photo.  It involves layers and some filters, but nothing too advanced. Here’s my before and after:


Gloomy Mist Photoshop Effect: Adding Atmosphere


Gloomy Mist Photoshop Effect: Adding Atmosphere

So here’s my question:  Would you guys care to know how to achieve this foggy effect?  Would it help you out in any way?  Please let me know, and I will definitely create a tutorial.

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