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Easy Canvas Prints Review: Part 2 Conclusion: Worth It?

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They call themselves “Easy Canvas Prints“, but being easy isn’t the only thing I’m looking for when I want to print my photos on canvas. I’m looking for quality, too.

Does Easy Canvas Prints really offer easy photos to canvas and great quality canvas prints?

Easy Canvas Prints Conclusion: Stunning.

Their canvas prints are downright gorgeous. Easy Canvas Prints will turn your photos to canvas, both easily and beautifully.

In part one of my Easy Canvas Prints Review, I only reviewed their ordering process. It was, in-fact, quite easy. This time around I’m reviewing their quality, since I received my canvas print in the mail way way earlier than they estimated, like 5 days earlier. How awesome is that?

First I should say I’ve never ordered a canvas print before. So Easy Canvas Prints Photo on Canvas service is my first. That, and I’m no print expert, either, I’ll admit to that any day.

I wish I could go into detail with this review and pick the quality apart with technical terms and fancy-shmancy print lingo for you guys, but I can’t. I can, however, say how amazing the outcome of this canvas print is.

Who Needs Color Profiles?

The photo I chose to print on canvas contained a lot of blacks and dark tones in it, with a singular point of bright light. It’s a favorite photo of mine, taken at Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia.

I’ve read a lot of color profiles and color management, and honestly I don’t see a point in nit-picking over the color that much, UNLESS you’re doing a shoot that absolutely, positively requires precise color.

But for 95% of all photography, all you need is a Spyder3Pro display calibrator. I use it for all my monitors, and it ensures that what I see on my monitor is what I get in print. And judging by this canvas print, it did its job.

The colors are spot-on, resembling the exact tones I had intended. Lot’s of pinks and magentas with some brown hues, each of which Easy Canvas Prints dominated. The blacks are nice and inky, with no feel of them being the least bit of gray.

It’s All in the Detail

Heck, the details are great! Up-close inspection reveals no artifacts, noise, nothing. I can’t find a darn thing to say bad about the print up-close. Sure, you’ll notice the texture of the canvas it’s printed on, but c’mon, what do ya expect? It’s a canvas print…

Above are some photos of the 11×16″ print I ordered. A few other things I’d like to point out are how nice of job they did wrapping it. The staples were all nice and secured, and the wrap was nice, tight and cut very well. At least, in my opinion, I guess I’m not the one to speak as I’m no expert. But with that said, I was impressed when I took the canvas out from the box.

P.S. if you like Easy Canvas Prints on Facebook you automatically get 50% off your next order with free shipping as well.

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