Easy Canvas Prints Review: Part One

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I’ve always wanted to see what one of my photos would look like on a canvas print. So naturally, I was excited when I heard about a company that specializes in canvas prints called Easy Canvas Prints (EasyCanvasPrints.com)

The following is a review of their ordering process. I’m currently waiting for my photo to arrive and when it does, I’ll be sure to write another review on the quality of the print.

Have you guys ever printed a photo on canvas? And if so, where at and how was it? I’d love to hear, since I’m getting all excited waiting for my photo to arrive. Leave a comment below Easy Canvas Prints Review: Part One

Ordering My First Canvas Print

Upon entering Easy Canvas Prints, my first impressions of the website are good, with the site being clean, bright, modern and easy enough to navigate. The color scheme is nice and easy on the eyes, and the homepage is not overcrowded with useless info for a first-time visitor/customer such as myself.

Cutting right to the chase… how do I order a print? Okay, got it… I gotta click on the “Start Designing Now” link under “Your Photo on Canvas“:

Easy Canvas Prints Review: Part One

Hmm… interesting, upon designing my canvas I am asked by Firefox to restart in 32-bit mode. No thank you. Don’t know why it asked me that, but no worries. I’m fine with running Firefox in 64-bit mode Easy Canvas Prints Review: Part One . Oh well, minor technicality aside, I’m greeted with a very slick, and very cool interface. It’s laid out beautifully, and the size preview is just awesome.

Easy Canvas Prints Review: Part One

Since my photo was resized to print at 11″ x 16″, I’m going to match it with a custom sized 11″ x 16″ canvas, and I’ll stick with the standard 0.75″ wrap. After clicking the bright pink continue button, the panel slides over the the screen where I then upload my photo. After uploading it, I made sure the image size slider was all the way towards the bottom, ensuring the whole image will be printed. So far this is easy!

Continuing on, the next step brings me to the border options page. Here, I can choose between

  • “Mirror Image” – The image mirrors around the edge of the canvas print.
  • “Image Wrap” – the image wraps around the edge of the canvas print.
  • “Border Color” – Select a color for the border of the canvas print.

I chose “Mirror Image”. Dunno if I’d prefer that over “Image Wrap” as I’ve never done a canvas print before. What do you prefer? I’d like to hear. Oh, I also had to make sure the image size slider was all the way to the bottom again, as it reset to “Auto Fit”.

The last step in the canvas design process is optional color finishing and optional image retouching. Both options will set you back a few more bucks, and I opted not to enable either of them as I edited my image to look exactly how I want it printed. I recommend you do the same, as well.

The rest of the process is simple, just add it to your cart and checkout! They have a variety of shipping options to choose from, ranging from free Saver Shipping (15 day turnaround) to $125 next-day air for those who are extremely impatient Easy Canvas Prints Review: Part One .

Overall I really like how easy it is to order a photo on canvas. It was a pleasant process, and one I’m sure I’ll do again. The thing I liked the most was the size preview, I really liked that. As for what could be improved, well, nothing that I can see. What do you guys think?

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