About Tim Kainu

About Tim Kainu

I run this website all by myself and I do it for fun, so please take everything I say as if it were a grain of salt.

I’m not interested in making tons of money or to brag about how many images I’ve had in major magazines (none), how many big name celebrities I did photo shoots with (none), or how many awards I won (also none.) On second thought, making tons of money sounds awesome, so I take that part back.

Why Visit This Website at All?

Well for starters, there will be a lot of photography activities you can participate in, such as monthly contests, photo assignments, photo critique sessions and giveaways,  and more such as:

And that’s just a start.

This websites main goal is to provide photographers with high-quality tips and info in an organized, easy to read fashion by keeping things simple.

TimKainu.com is a personal blog of mine at heart, so the sites structure will be like that of a personal blog, with me having the final say over what gets published. But don’t worry, I only post great content with no crap or fillers in-between.

Now a Little About Me and My Style

Check out  my photography gear  page to see what I currently use to make my photos.

Currently living in the little town of Berkley, Michigan, I am 55% photographer, 35% digital artist, 15% graphic designer, and 0% mathematician. I would classify myself as an unconventional, non-traditional photographer where digital is my medium of choice. I like to create images that would be impossible to create without the use of digital manipulation. Most of my photographs are extensively edited, and whether it be a montage of multiple photos or blended exposures, I make sure I use whatever tools I have at my disposal to create a unique, signature style. Spending time behind the computer screen editing photos is what I do. That’s where all the magic happens, and that’s when the true image in my mind gets created. Sometimes that can be a scary thing… and sometimes it can be a good thing About Tim Kainu

I’ll Do My Best To Help

I’d like you to know that I work hard to give you the best photography tips and tutorials I can find or create on the web. No joke. I love helping people out, and if this website is just another way of doing so, I’m going to try my hardest to provide an excellent source of knowledge for photographers.

Quick Links and How to Contact Me

I forgot to mention how you can contact me. I am available through a variety of social networks:

You can also email me via email: Tim@TimKainu.com

If you would like to see my photography and what I create, take a look at my portfolio . You should find something that interests you there. If not, I will be eternally saddened forever. Just kidding of course. Feel free to hate my photos all you want.

If you want to see all the photography tips and tutorials, check out my photo tips .


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